Let's face it - sex can be a big let down. Sure, it can be out of this world at times, but if you are like most couples, over time it becomes more often ordinary than extra-ordinary.

Unless you make a concerted effort to keep your lovemaking fresh and exciting, it will become routine, mundane and yes, even boring. When that happens, it becomes less frequent and chances are, that lack of intimacy will begin to affect your marriage. Maybe that's already happening.

100 GREAT SEX GAMES FOR COUPLES(Try game #5 if you are going out to dinner beforehand.)

Research has shown that the single best way to intensify orgasms and the overall lovemaking experience is having prolonged foreplay. But the same old foreplay of touching here and there, kissing and licking this and that does get less enjoyable (and usually shorter) over time.

Here is how you can have the most amazing and fun foreplay - and as a result, hot passionate sex like you haven't had in a long time, or perhaps ever.

According to renowned author and expert Michael Webb, by turning foreplay into a game you will take your lovemaking to levels of pleasure you quite possibly have never experienced.

In his latest e-book, he has compiled 33 best sex games and 67 unique variations on those games for couples to play. It's called 100 GREAT SEX GAMES FOR COUPLES. Not every game will be perfect for you, but even if you find 5 of the games enriching your lovemaking, it will have a profound effect on your marriage.


Best-selling author, Michael Webb has appeared on over 500 radio and television shows including OPRAH * Men are From Mars/Women are From Venus * NBC News * 700 Club * The Other Half * Iyanla * To Tell the Truth * FOX News * CBS News.

Michael Webb has been featured in practically every major newspaper in the United States and has been praised in the nation's top magazines like Men's Health * Bridal Guide * Cosmopolitan * New Man * Women's Day * Family Circle * Ladies Home Journal.

Though these are wild, exciting and juicy games they are not immoral, degrading, perverted or raunchy promises Michael. A SAMPLE OF THE GAMES YOU WILL ENJOY IN 100 GREAT SEX GAMES FOR COUPLES. A brand new way to play with a deck of cards that will bring about amazing climaxes * An exciting game that leads to lovemaking in new places around the house * A great child's game with a slight change of the rules can be reused for incredible lovemaking possibilities * A game that begins at a restaurant and the sex actions are determined by what's on the menu and what the waiter says * A guessing game that will have you burning with desire in just 10 minutes * Kings and Queens will have a whole new, erotic meaning with this game * Blindfolds and food always make for great lovemaking - this game puts new twists on the concept * Turn watching that football, basketball or baseball game into an erotic romp * A twist on an old bar game that will bring burning passions to your loins * Play this ballgame indoors which will guarantee to have him rock hard and throbbing by the time it is over


"When I looked at the clock I realized that we had been having foreplay for 33 minutes before intercourse began. Usually we don't get past 5. I had the most amazing orgasm (actually 2) ever. I'm a believer." - Tracy Q. - New Freedom Pennsylvania

"We have played 3 of the games now and it has made us feel like newlyweds." Sidney S. - London, England

"We can't wait for Friday night to come around so we can play another game. We wrote down all the names of the games and put them in a cookie jar and each we take turns picking out one game each Thursday and that gives us time to prepare and anticipate the game on Friday night." - Guy S. La Canada, California

"I bought 100 Great Sex Games yesterday rather hesitantly since my wife really doesn't like things that are way beyond our typical lovemaking but she was absolutely thrilled when I suggested one of the games." - Brian S. Beaverton Colorado

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