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Plan Your Next Family Vacation In Chicago Illinois

Chicago Illinois has long been known as the auto capital of the country. In fact if you are a car buff you simply can’t go wrong visiting Chicago. But Chicago has so much more to offer. In fact it is home to some of the best amusement parks and entertainment in all of Illinois.
Plan Your Next Family Vacation In Chicago IllinoisVisit Amazing Chicago Funhouse Maze which is partially a cultural journey and partially a fun house. It brings the sights and sounds of Chicago alive in the maze where once inside the maze you’ll journey to a whole new side of Chicago complete with skyscrapers and underground tunnels.

If you’re looking for a good laugh then you’ve got to visit Chemically Imbalanced Comedy a production from FrankieJ’s MethaDome and found throughout the Chicago area. You’ll be rolling on the floor and the entertainment is appropriate for all family members.

If you’ve got a love for ancient times then you’ve got to take in the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. Here you’ll enter an 85,000 square foot castle where you’ll dine and watch the current performance. There’s seating for 1400 in the Grand Ceremonial Area.

The Noble Horse Theater is also an incredible theater performance and dining experience. Here you’ll witness over 30 horses and riders from around the world with lavish costumes, and of course you’ll see the famous white stallions.

Opera in Focus is a puppet production company and the kids will love the performances which are performed at the Rolling Meadows Park District Theater. Make sure to bring the entire family.

Be sure to take in some of area zoos starting with Cosley Zoo which is encompasses 5 acres and is home to many domestic farm animals and native Illinois wildlife. Be sure to visit the quaint gift shop while your there.

The Wildlife Prairie State Park is where you need to come to discover the animals that call Illinois home long ago during the pioneer times. Here you’ll find over 200 acres of zoological park which is home to elk, cougar, otters, black bears, bison, and wolves, and so much more.

The Glenn Oak Zoo is home to almost 100 species of animals from around the world. Take in the daily critter chats, watch the lions play, or listen to the crowned cranes sing.

Serpent Safari is a reptile zoo so if you’re squeamish around reptiles this isn’t the place to go. That said it’s a fascinating place where you can meet the world’s largest snake named “Baby,” weighing in at 403 pounds. Or meet a rare albino alligator, a Nile crocodile, or a 250 pound Anaconda. Get your photo taken with a python. Now this place is an experience you’ll never forget.

Theirs is so much to do in the Chicago area it’s difficult to decide what to tell you about. Of course we’ve mentions some of the favorite destinations but there so many more like the John Hancock Observatory, the Navy Pier, The Soldier Field Museum, The Field Museum of Natural History, the Alder Planetarium, or the Shed Aquarium.

And if you’ve got the time be sure to duck out from Chicago and explore other nearby areas which also have plenty to offer. Illinois is a beautiful state with much to offer when planning a family vacation. So come see for yourself!

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