Baidu VS = strongest VS largest Alibaba

2007 occurred in China's Internet industry is the largest incident should be fought Alibaba successful listing in Hong Kong in China, In addition, China was the worthy Xianyao another Internet company Baidu in the United States in 2007 hit a 429.19 US dollars per share expensive.
Baidu VS = strongest VS largest Alibaba1688 (Alibaba Hong Kong stock code) such a mysterious lucky numbers plus Alibaba management culture revealed Chinese characteristics, laying a Alibaba this China's largest Internet companies market the glory and embarrassment. With Baidu C2C trading platform business in 2008 on the line at any time, Robin Li Internet search Kingdom will also shift the focus of the Almighty, and Baidu strong international background and the local color, especially to investors from the market in Perhaps the lucrative China can continue to maintain its Internet strongest enterprises title. However, whether it is from the most to the largest, strongest or from the largest to the China Internet two giant Rush in 2008 will be the birth of the strongest China's largest Internet companies.

Alibaba: The biggest?

Alibaba 2007 in China and listed in Hong Kong's success is rapidly becoming the market value of China's largest Internet companies, which is obviously represented Ma established Internet Empire began openly operating from B2B, search, C2C auction, paid advertising and other components of Empire has been the initial signs of clues. However, it is "the greatest market value," let the market feel that the word panic. Shanghai Yi Fan consulting company in the IT analyst Miss Chang accept the "Daily News" interview, made it clear that Alibaba's "largest market" bubble with great risks, most can only say that the biggest, but certainly not the strongest. In fact, despite the success of the Alibaba, the first day of the opening of the Hong Kong dollar 30, a price in excess of 122% of about 13.5 Hong Kong dollar. But yesterday's closing price of 29.05 Hong Kong dollar has been only, that is to say while the Hong Kong stock market in a major cattle, and are listed day to buy Alibaba have become truly bearing the "investors."

In fact, the world's leading investment bank Goldman Sachs in the year to December 10 Alibaba ratings for the first time gave the "sell" recommendations, the evaluation of Goldman Sachs said the company faced downside risks include: the transaction, retain customers, and the competition among search engines. According to the "Daily News" was a Morgan Stanley report on Alibaba, the report believes that the future of investment in Alibaba three possible good, but also there are five major risks. So give Alibaba "wait-and-see holding" rating. The report therefore give Alibaba 26.3 is the fundamental value of the Hong Kong dollar.

Baidu: the strongest?

Miss Chang believes that if the market position, Baidu is the strongest of China's Internet companies. Once Baidu search-based access to the area of C2C, its flow is inevitable decided Baidu one of the largest C2C. Baidu is the most exciting in its return on investment, in the last trading day of Baidu closed 380.45 US dollars, and its 52-week high price to over 420 US dollars, the lowest price was only 92.80 US dollars, such as return on investment is such a category Alibaba traditional Internet companies no match. According to public reports, the United States StephenJu RBC Capital Markets analyst in a recent report that Baidu fourth-quarter earnings will be better than expected, and the performance of the ring Baidu growth rate is raised to 17 per cent, higher than the market expectations of 15%. The analysts believe that e-commerce operations and the development of brand advertising business Baidu will be pushed to the centre of China's Internet market, and Google in the United States have experienced a similar stage.

Search: Yahoo Baiducome to an end

In the area of domestic search engine, Baidu has been a superpower. Ereli research "issued by the third quarter of 2007 search engine market research reports" show: "Baidu third-quarter revenue amounted to 497 million yuan, accounting search engine 60.8% share of the revenue." Relevant data show that only Yahoo! search engine revenue share of 10.4 percent. From the data perspective, obviously in search Baiducome to an endYahoo.

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