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The Hottest Ten Steps to Giving Up Designer Handbag Addictions

If you can not open your closet, because it is so filled with designer handbags, even if you turn the knob, a tidal wave of money will turn your bedroom into a mess, you need help. If you try, unsuccessfully, to curb the designer handbag of your addiction, here are 10 steps to help give your purse designer curse.
Giving up your straight-up handbag addiction!

1st. Unlike with a lot of self-help programs, you do not want to try and go Cold Turkey and stop buying handbags whole. If you are addicted to handbags it will not work. The first step is to realize that you can not stop your addiction suddenly.

2nd. The second step is to have a budget. They are not only going to create a budget for your handbags, listing exactly how many Marc Jacobs, you can buy versus Coach bags. They are a budget for everything in your life, including rent, utilities and car insurance. Yes, it's a drag, but you have to do.

3rd. Now that you have your budget in hand, you are going to limit how many bags you purchase. If you only $ 100 extra in your budget, and Marc Jacobs clutch costs about $ 400, you will know now that you can afford to buy one every three months instead of buying the green leather and the black at the same time.

4th. If you have a problem keeping your will power not to buy a designer handbag that you want to prevent a rash purchase. 20 years ago could be just the money into a bank, which would pretty much prevents you from buying a handbag, but with online shopping and ATMs, you are going to want to literally freeze your plastic. Get a large container, fill it with water, put your credit cards in it, and hold it in the freezer. In this way, if you want to make a purchase you have to wait for the money to thaw.

5th. Try to avoid temptations. Throw the tabloid newspapers, or simply do not buy in order to see handbags. If you are in some of these rags, you will see that every week a new celebrity, the other around a designer handbag. Sure, it's nice to see the same bag that you want, but it is simply too tempting to buy the latest IT bag.

6th. If you feel a little depressed about not having the latest bag, organize your own collection. Even if you only have a few purses, you can spend the time you normally do, shopping spend a little work on it.

7th. If you are sick and tired of carrying around the same handbag, you may want some of your older sacks from retirement. Sure, they may have been popular couple years, but that does not mean that you are still not wearing it around today. A good handbag is always a good handbag.

8th. To make something new in your wardrobe, you may need to trade or borrow. Hey, it will not cost you a lot of money, and nobody needs to know that it is not for you.

9th. Handbags are expensive things to collect; you may want to start another collection. Why not a stamp collection? Stamps are only $ .49, so that you could buy literally hundreds of them (if not thousands) for the price of a handbag.

10th. If it hard is that to enter your handbag addiction, you can only want to go and buy. They are disappointed in themselves, but at least you have the satisfaction with the implementation around the latest pocket!

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