Victoria Prince Unhappy With K-Fed And Britney

Kevin Federline and Britney Spears are reportedly getting back together, but Victoria Prince, K-Fed’s new boo, is not too happy with that. According to Star Magazine, Prince walked in on Britney and K-Fed doing more than just catching up. The ex-volleyball star has been dating K-Fed since December and the two were last seen together April 2nd at the bowling alley.
Victoria Prince Unhappy With K-Fed And BritneyNo reports have been confirmed by either party and for all we know this could be just another promotional stunt to jump start K-Fed’s music career again. He’s already begun on his 2nd album, where he’ll be telling his side of the story on the breakup with Britney. His first album “Playing With Fire” sold a whopping 16,000 copies and earned him an “extreme dislike or disgust” review from Metacritic.com.

Looking at K-Fed’s legacy in terms of relationships, Victoria shouldn’t be surprised that he’s getting back with Britney. The guy just seems like a loose cannon who has no talent and feeds off of others. I’ll give it to him though, he does have a knack for staying in the public eye for no apparent reason.

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