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Bosnian Elections: Voters Humiliated the Bosniak Perpetrators of the Project of Greater Serbia in B&

By Muhamed Borogovac, PhD, ASA, MAAA

There are many messages that the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina sent in the elections. Let us mention the most important.
Bosnian Elections: Voters Humiliated the Bosniak Perpetrators of the Project of Greater Serbia in B&
1.1 Key Traitors are Known and Were Humiliated by the Voters

The fact that significantly more Bosniak voters (about 320.000) voted for Zeljko Komsic than for the current "Bosniak" leaders in government put together (Izetbegovic and Silajdzic -- 260.000), tells us that the people are trying to escape from the deadly embrace of the Greater Serbia project, and its perpetrators within Bosnia -- the false Muslim and false Bosniak leaders of the SDA and SBiH parties and of the Bosnian Islamic Community.

This is the first time that the vast majority of Bosniaks saw through their tricks and refused them obedience, and are therefore looking for solutions beyond them. That is why they have voted for someone who is neither Muslim nor Bosniak, Zeljko Komsic, rather than for Izetbegovic, Silajdzic, Tihic and other performers Greater Serbia project in Bosnia.

Note that the traitors know how much they are despised by the people. For example, the president of the SDA, Sulejman Tihic, did not dare put his name on any election list.

This is a huge step forward for us Bosniaks, as we have shown that we are now aware that these men are traitors. However, while such awareness is necessary to free ourselves from the deadly embrace of the heirs of the Yugoslav secret service UDBA in Bosnia-Herzegovina, it is not sufficient, because the Dayton system keeps them in power. This point is addressed in the following section.

1.2 We Overcame our Naivety, but Still Must Overcome Dayton

This election showed how the Dayton system enables thugs in BiH to remain in control.

During the campaign, many candidates from various parties have written to us and complained that the main media outlets have blocked them out. The major parties have over time installed their own people in all the media, including known former agents of UDBA, and they now serve as the gatekeepers of democracy to protect the Greater Serbia project in Bosnia. In particular, TV, radio and printed media, which are still the only available means of information for the majority of Bosnians, have eliminated from the election campaign all parties except privileged four: SDA, SDP, SBiH, SBB. In this way they have accomplished two things (1) they have restricted all discussions in the campaign only to a set of ideas based on the premise that the ethnic division of Bosnia and Herzegovina is not in question and the results of the aggression and genocide, embodied in the "Federation" and the "Republic of Serbs" entities are a permanent reality and (2) they have created an impression that every vote that does not go to one of these, "major" parties is a wasted vote. And so most Bosniaks who did not want to vote for the Bosniak media favorites Izetbegovic, Silajdzic and Radoncic voted for Komsic, instead of candidates from the other Bosniak parties whose ideas were blocked by the controlled Bosniak media.

But due to Dayton's apartheid rules, even though the Bosniaks in this election rejected Mr. Izetbegovic soundly by giving him fewer than half the votes that they gave to Zeljko Komsic, who is neither Muslim nor Bosniak, Izetbegovic will enter the Presidency as the one who speaks in the name of Bosniaks. Clearly, the Dayton rules are a perversion of democracy, enforcing an ethnic apartheid even when the people clearly say they want something else. Of course, what can we expect from a constitution created to appease perpetrators of aggression and genocide?

So Mr. Komsic owes his own good result to the fact that the Bosniak people have awakened to the lies of "their own" politicians. Unfortunately, we expect that he will disappoint them as well. For all his bombastic talk about saving Bosnia, we recall that he had joined Silajdzic, Tihic, Lagumdjija, Izetbegovic and Dodik in pressuring people from Srebrenica to withdraw their decision to secede from the Republika Serpska as a "Srebrenica district". This occurred after the conviction at the International Court of Justice of the RS and its police and military for genocide in Srebrenica. Likewise, he joined Radmanovic and Silajdzic on all important and catastrophic decisions brought by the Presidency in the last term. Aside from a well publicized rant against Serbia's policy toward Bosnia, Komsic has not done anything to protect Bosnia, when he was in position to do so.

In short, Komsic has copied his party boss Mr. Lagumdzija, who chose him as the candidate. Even with new faces, the same old parties always give us more of the same.

1.3 Voters Protesting Institutional Discrimination

Election officials have also reported a very large number of invalid ballots in both entities, especially in elections for the Presidency of Bosnina-Herzegovina. (See article 3 below.) Most of those were unmarked. A likely explanation is that the voters protested discrimination in the election law, which is most explicit for that highest office: it is illegal for Bosnians and Croats in the RS and for Serbs in the Federation to run for the Presidency. That makes them second-class citizens. Other minorities cannot run for that office in either entity -- they are second class citizens everywhere. Both facts prove the fascist character of the Dayton constitution, and are examples of methods it employs to preserve the results of ethnic cleansing, by preventing the return of people to the entities where they would be a minority.

The European Court has already ruled that the election rules constitute unlawful discrimination against two minorities, the Jews and the Roma. We hail that decision, but point out that it does not address the similar discrimination against Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs living in the "wrong" entities. This is not the court's fault, simply the suit did not have that scope, as it was brought by Roma and Jewish leaders on behalf of those particular minorities. It is revealing that neither "Bosniaks" from SDA, SDP and SBiH, nor "Croats" from HDZ, nor the Serbs of the Federation ever sued in a similar manner. Evidently all three groups of politicians are more concerned with preserving the RS as an ethnically pure entity, than protecting the rights of the Bosniaks and Croats in the RS and Serbs in the Federation.

It is also worth noting that the government proceeded with the discriminatory elections despite the ruling of the European court.

1.4 Non-Investigation of Election Fraud

Immediately after the elections, there have been reports of election fraud in many parts of Bosnia. One witness account of ballot stuffing by officials affiliated with the SDA party of Mr. Izetbegovic can be seen in part 2.

It seems that the Central Election Commission (CIK) itself is engaging in a cover up of election fraud. For example, the Social-Democratic Union (SDU) party has pointed out that CIK released official final election results, before the legally mandated period for submitting electoral complaints had run out. So CIK, charged with enforcing election rules, does not even follow them itself.

The Bosnian Party (BOSS) asked CIK to investigate reports that a very large number of ballots declared invalid in some races were marked for BOSS candidates. The President of CIK, Mrs. Irena Hadziabdic, refused to investigate, or to allow the invalidated ballots to be inspected, citing lack of evidence. But the ballots are the evidence!

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