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Choosing a Christmas Gift for an Expecting Mommy

How are you doing on that Christmas list? No, not your personal wish list - your gift giving list. A little stumped on what gift to give the expecting mommy on your list?

Choosing a Christmas Gift for an Expecting MommyLet's start with what not to give her. Forget about giving her a bikini, high heels or gift certificate to the tanning booth. Giving clothing to a pregnant woman is just downright dangerous. If it's too small, you'll just remind her of how big she is. If it's much too large, she'll still cry because she thinks you think she's as big as a house. To be safe, take a pass on clothing for her this year.

Also on the "what not to give Christmas list for the expectant mom" is anything to do with the baby. That's what baby showers are for. It's bad enough Mom has to go through her pregnancy with strangers touching her belly; it's sometimes nice to forget she is pregnant and get her something that she, and she alone would like.

Expectant mothers don't always feel so hot. Gifts geared toward pampering the mom are always a huge hit. Gift certificates for a manicure, pedicure, facial or massage are wonderful gifts. If you opt for the massage, just make sure the masseuse has a pregnancy table (imagine her trying to flip over on her belly on a standard massage table).

You can never go wrong with chocolate. That is, unless the expecting mommy has developed gestational diabetes, then it's not such a good gift. If you know of any other favorite edible she likes, expecting mommies tend to get hungry often. How about a large jar of cashews? Yummy.

Any gift that is given with love will be appreciated; however if you want to give the expecting mommy a gift she'll really like, get her something that will make her feel special!

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Taurie Lynn writes for Baby Talk Radio, a weekly podcast for the baby crazy crowd.

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