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Microsoft To Extend Windows XP Sales As Vista Concerns Mount

Microsoft To Extend Windows XP Sales As Vista Concerns MountResponding to some customers' lukewarm embrace of Windows Vista, Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) said it will extend by several months availability of the operating system's predecessor, Windows XP. The company said it will make the full version of Windows XP available to PC manufacturers and retailers t ... Microsoft introduced Windows XP in late 2001. The company ordinarily makes operating systems available only for four years after launch date. But dela

Firmware Update Breaks Hacked iPhones

Firmware Update Breaks Hacked iPhonesUsers are reporting that a new update to Apple Inc.'s iPhone is making previously unlocked iPhones unusable. The iPhone 1.1.1 update, released Thursday, breaks phones that have been hacked so that they work with providers other than AT&T Inc., the only U.S. provider Apple has allowed to carry its ... Shortly after the Thursday update was released, users of unlocked iPhones began reporting problems. Security researcher Tom Ferris said the new sof

Defective Xbox 360 costs Microsoft $1billion

Defective Xbox 360 costs Microsoft $1billionMicrosoft announced on Thursday it expects to spend more than a billion dollars fixing flawed Xbox 360 video game consoles, which have logged "an unacceptable number of repairs." The blow to Xbox 360's reputation comes as it vies in the marketplace with Sony's languishing PlayStation 3 and Ni ... The figure falls short of the 12 million unit mark Microsoft set as its goal. "That is slightly shy, but in the overall context of the marketplace we

Independent Films in the Digital Age: A Triumph of Diversity over Scarcity

Independent Films in the Digital Age: A Triumph of Diversity over ScarcityIn the brief history of film, advances in technology have from time to time challenged and changed industry models. These advances have wrought their most significant changes on independent sectors of the movie business. In the glory days of the studio system, a parallel or serious rival to that sys ... The development of the 16mm camera and advances in sound technology made it possible, though still difficult, for individuals or small groups of filmm

Apple iPhone price said to be double its cost

Apple iPhone price said to be double its costApple sells its new iPhone handsets at more than double production costs, according to estimates by ISuppli Corp, a technology industry researcher. The most expensive model, which retails for $599, has component and manufacturing costs of $265.83, El Segundo, California-based ISuppli said on Tue ... South Korea’s Samsung Electronics is the biggest supplier, accounting for 30.5% of component costs, by making the memory chips and processors, accor
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