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The Ubermensch of Internet Marketing: Inbound Links

The online marketing world is a microcosm of the offline marketing world. Many of the same principles apply, even though these principles must be applied differently, because you are working in a different setting. However, if you know how to market offline, all you need to do is learn new technolog ... Just like in the real world, connections mean everything. The more people you know, and the more links you generate, the higher you will rank in searc

Writing A Hot Internet Marketing Screenplay in 3 Easy Steps

The content that you write in any article can significantly boost your web visibility and increase your page rank. You can write great content that will drive up the amount of visitors to your site, or you can write boring content that no one cares about. ... Blogs have created a firestorm of links, which in turn makes it a lot easier to optimize your web site. However, it's important to customize your cont

RSS for Dummies

First, I would like to apologize for the title (RSS for Dummies), but it really describes the way I wrote this article. Because the RSS concept can be confusing, I tried to explain it in the simplest way. While many people are stuck using the same-old methods of Internet marketing,  ... This technology is RSS, or Really Simple Syndication. Even though RSS is an online phenomenon, it has its brothers and sisters in the non-online wo

Are You Using Internet Marketing Most Powerful Salesman?

RSS is a high-profile, very effective way to distribute content on the web. It is a technology that has seamlessly incorporated itself into the zeitgeist. It is very important to learn how to use RSS feeds well if you want to succeed at Internet marketing. Sites that use RSS correctly are more like ... However, if you really want to use RSS successfully, you need to make sure that you have designed content that is ready for RSS so that when you distr

Looking in the Mirror of Internet Marketing

Bloggers will involuntarily create a certain vibe or profile which affects the way that web visitors view them. This vibe or feel will define the blogger and can provide valuable marketing strength to the blogger. ... While we might not like to admit it, image and web relationships hold an extreme force in today’s world. Take a look around the World Wide Web. Ever
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