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Volunteer In Kenya For Once In A Lifetime Experience

Kenya is an African country that is revered by anthropologists and is considered as the cradle of civilization or humanity. The wilderness in Kenya comes with hidden dangers. For the adventurous at heart, Kenya presents the perfect opportunity with its magnificent wildlife reserves, pristine beaches ... One of the biggest events here is not a human event but it is the migration of wildebeest, which takes place each year from Masaai Mara to the lush pl

Volunteering in Nepal an unforgettable Asian Travel experience

Nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, the mountain kingdom of Nepal with its beauty can hold anyone spellbound but if you look deeper, you will instantly see that the country needs some of the basic necessities like education, health and financial aid. ... Volunteering in Nepal is popular among the youth mostly because people get attracted to the idea of visiting the “Mt. Everest Country” and learnin

Volunteering in Kenya: The African Volunteer Travel Opportunity

If you had to choose a country to volunteer in Africa, which destination would you choose? Kenya? You are not alone. Kenya is situated in East Africa and shares its borders with Somalia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda and Sudan. ... Kenya has one of the greatest or biggest wildlife habitats in the world and it is called the Masai Mara, which sees the annual migration of Wildebeast

Summer Sun Can Be Deadly -- Protect Yourself and Loved Ones from Skin Cancer

Summer Sun Can Be Deadly -- Protect Yourself and Loved Ones from Skin Cancer(ARA) – Every 65 minutes, someone in the United States dies of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Women aged 20 to 29 are particularly vulnerable, with melanoma ranking as the second most common form of cancer in the age group. According to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery ( ... “Too many lives are lost because of failure to identify skin cancer until it has progressed to a more dangerous state. Everyone, even those with no

Washington DC: Museums, Monuments And Multiculturalism - Washington D.C. Travel Information

Washington DC: Museums, Monuments And Multiculturalism - Washington D.C. Travel InformationAs the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. is certainly not lacking of museums, monuments, exhibits, historic landmarks and a fantastic potpourri of cuisine and nightlife. The District of Columbia is vibrant and alive with thousands of college students, passionate non-profits and swarms of local and ... Get a taste of this unique social climate when you book your airfare to Washington DC through one of the region’s major airports: Dulles Internation
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