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Interim Sales Managers: When can hiring an interim sales manager be the best option?

At first glance, an interim sales manager may seem like a strange concept. After all, “sales” is a constant, “business as usual” function within any organisation.  ... However, over recent years, the concept of an interim sales manager has emerged. Specifically interim sales managers are increasingly seen as a flexib

Laptop Accessories

Laptops and other mobile computing devices are extremely useful and quite often come in very handy. It makes a world of a difference to have easy and immediate access to any data for work or a list of addresses or your organizer. ... While these nifty little devices deliver less performance for the same amount of money as Desktop PCs, they are still mighty popular simply because th

Sales Consultants - how hiring sales consultants can add value to your business

Today, companies ranging from start-ups and small businesses to international organisations are turning to sales consultants to support sales growth. The attractiveness of engaging sales consultants, rather than recruiting sales people, often comes down to 5 core issues. ... 1. Fast access to specialist expertise 2. Adds a fresh perspective 3. Transparent Costs 4. Lower risk of employer obligations 5. Access to the bes

Sales Consultancy – why sales is the new consultancy discipline

Rapid change in selling (and buying) processes is impacting sales in unprecedented ways, providing a driver for companies to engage a sales consultancy to re-shape their sales operations. ... Sales consultancy is now a growth disciple within the management consultancy sector. If you browsed any bookstore just a few years ago for a consul

Outsourced Sales - how an outsourced sales company can help your small businesses grow

Hiring an outsourced sales company can be an ideal strategy for small businesses seeking to grow. Many companies today are growing as “virtual corporations”, choosing to outsource many functions within their business including choosing to outsource sales. ... From web services to manufacturers, the decision to outsource sales often comes down to four core reasons: 1. Conserve capital 2. Reduce risk 3.
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