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Sales Force Outsourcing: what are the options for outsourcing your sales force?

Outsourcing part of all of the sales process is nothing new. Resellers, sales agents and distributors are established methods of sales force outsourcing. However, with the rise of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), a number of dedicated “Sales Force Outsourcing” vendors have become a strate ... This article examines two models for outsourcing a sales force, Sales Agents and Distributors/Resellers and compares them with the BPO solution of Sal

Why getting a pre-owned car is a good idea

If you have been thinking that used or pre-owned cars are not entirely useful, think again! The entire auto Community has been in favour of this segment of cars simply because of the numerous advantages it offers. Here we detail some of the benefits. ... a. Cost effectiveness One of the main reasons pre-owned cars are so popular is because of the cost savings they provide. If you are living on a bud

The top 4 cars of this year

So you have been planning on buying yourself a brand new car! Well, with the hordes of models out there in the industry, how do you find yourself a car that will be the envy of the neighbourhood?  ... Well, with our guide on the 4 most Top Rated Cars of this year, you won’t go wrong! i. The Honda Fit This is one car that has been touted as t

Insure your car before it’s too late!

You adore your car and it is your prized possession. However, imagine if it got stolen, caught fire or got damaged? You would lose thousands of dollars in repairing it. This is why getting an insurance is so important. ... Every car community expert will advise you to insure your car as soon as you buy it. Cheap insurance deals Nowadays you can easily get lucrative

Getting finance for your car

So you have decided to go for a new car. However you suddenly realize that you don’t have enough funds! Well, you can now avail car finance. There are plenty of financial institutions that will readily offer you funds.  ... You can easily check on an online car site for finance options. Searching online One of the best ways to get good quality rates for your car fin
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