• Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho hits out at his critics ahead of Chelsea reunion

    Jose Mourinho believes he is held to a different standard to other Premier League managers, including Chelsea boss Antonio Conte.

    Manchester United take on Mourinho 's former side Chelsea at Old Trafford on Sunday afternoon looking to close the gap on the top four, while their opponents lead the race for the title.


    Bur while Conte has been hailed for the rapid change in fortunes at Stamford Bridge, Mourinho believes he would be criticised for employing a similar style to the Italian, while his record in his first season at United is analysed in a negative way.

    The Portuguese pointed to United's strong away record, and League Cup victory, as positives quickly forgotten by his detractors.

    He told Sky Sports: "I know that you like to criticise me, so when I was winning titles with Chelsea, you were criticising the style of play. In this moment to be the best counterattacking team in the country is not to be criticised anymore - it is an amazing thing."But the reality is the best team is the team that wins more matches and at the end of the season are champions, and obviously we are far from it."

    Mourinho added: "It depends on how you analyse it. You could say my record at home is very bad, or my record away from home is very good. You say my home record is very bad.

    "You could say I win a trophy in my first season but you forget it too soon."

    Mourinho admits that United need to be challenging for titles rather than Champions League qualification, but has outlined five factors that he believes make up a successful first campaign in Manchester.

    "For me a good season is to be ready for every match, to fight every match for the best result and to defend Man United prestige," he said. "To play for the fans, for the love they have for the team and for the club to play every match with a great attitude.

    "We could have better results but we could also have worse results. The Europa League is one (competition), eight teams can win it and we are one of the eight teams.

    "In the Premier League we are not fighting for the title, we are fighting for top four which is an important thing but the nature of this club is to fight for titles and the only title we can win now is the Europa League."

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