Luxury lingerie chain Victoria’s Secret have long been known as one of the great pioneers of money saving coupons and their policy of allowing customers to stack coupon deals can certainly bring the cost of purchasing quality underwear and swimwear down to a cost which is affordable to all. High street store coupons have definately lost their stigma for being known as the “voucher for those who can’t afford to pay” as everyone has become accustomed to using coupons for their every day shopping needs including the well off. Coupons have always been very popular with college students who have traditionally had to get by with a limited disposable income, however the coupon trend has spread to housewives and even a higher percentage of males than ever are becoming used to extracting coupons from their wallets for all sorts of purchases, including gifts for their wives and girlfriends. So next time you are standing at the checkout brandishing your Victoria’s Secret coupons, don’t be surprised if the person standing next to you is actually a man with the same intentions.
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