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DANAS, 12.06.2003. URED GRADONACELNIKA FORT WAYNE INDIANA JE SLUZBENO POTVRDIO SLIJEDECE: GRADONACELNIK FORT WAYNE INDIANA GRAHAM RICHARD CE 16.08.2003. GODINE SVECANO OTVORITI 6.KRAISKI TEFERIC I PROVESTI NEKO VRIJEME SA ZAPADNO BOSANCIMA KAKO BI IM LICNO UKAZAO DOBRODOSLICU U FORT WAYNE INDIANA. Fort Wayne dana 6-11-2003 OBAVJESTAVAMO SVE KRAJISNIKE I SVE LJUBITELJE TEFERICA DA JE ORGANIZACIONI ODBOR 6. KRAISKOG TEFERICA U FORT WAYNU DOBIO JOS JEDNO PRIZNANJE ZA SVOJ RAD NA PRIPREMI I ORGANIZIRANJU TEFERICA . 11. JUNA 2003. UKAZOM GRADONACELNIKA GRADA FORT WAYNE, INDIANA AUGUST 16. 2003. PROGLASEN JE ZA SLUZBENI DAN TEFERICA - BOSANKI DAN U FORT WAYNU. U SVOJOJ PROKLAMACIJI ( UKAZU) GRADONACELNIK JE POZVAO SVE GRADJANE FORT WAYNA DA SVOJIM PRISUSTVOM UKAZU DOBRODOSLICU SVIM GOSTIMA NA TAJ DAN. SVIM KRAJISNICIMA I SVIM LJUBITELJIMA TEFERICA - DOBRODOSLI NA 6. KRAISKI TEFERIC PREVOD UKAZA GRADONACELNIKA CITY OF FORT WAYNE URED GRADONACELNIKA PROCLIMATION 20 Augusta 1995, je dan kad je vise od 20,000 Zapadno Bosanaca I njihovih porodica izbjegli na sigurno u izbjeglicki camp u Hrvatskoj. Mnoge Zapadno Bosanaske izbjeglice provele su vise od deset mjeseci u neizvjesnosti, strahu, gladi I teroru. U 1996 godini USA, Canada I Australija otvorile su svoja vrata za Zapadne Bosance da zapocnu novi zivot I rad za bolju I srecnu boducnost. Ovaj skup se odrzava da se nezaboravi rat, nikad nezaborave one koji su dali svoje zivote, I nikad nezaboravimo tko smo I odakle smo. Zapadno Bosanski narod is cijele USA I Canada ce se sakupiti u Fort Wayne da podijele uspomene, sjete se proslosti I uzivaju u svojoj slobodi. Upravo zbog svega ovoga, Ja, Graham Richard, Gradonacelnik grada Fort Wayne, Indiana, PROGLASAVAM AUGUST 16, 2003, 6. KRAISKI TEFERIC - BOSANSKI DAN U Fort Wayne, I Ja pozivam sve gradane da dodu I zajedno da ukazemo dobrodoslicu Zapadno Bosancima na ovaj dan. Svojerucnim potpisom I pecetom grada Fort Wayne, Indiana, potvrduje se 16 dan Augusta 2003. GRAHAM RICHARD GRADONACELNIK Orginalni proglas mozete vidjeti na nasoj web stranici www.kraiskiteferic2003.org
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Balkans area always was a sort of a hot spot in Europe. Eighty-nine years ago, young Serb terrorist assassinated Austro-Hungarian prince and his wife and thus started the World War One. Twelve years ago, area was washed in blood during nationalist wars in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo. And now, in already troubled environment, racism rears its ugly face? On a football match Serbia and Montenegro vs. Wales, in Red Star Stadium in Belgrade, crowd abused three Wales? black players, Danny Gabbidon, Nathan Blake and Robert Earnshaw. Host team won the match, but lost a lot of face because of such behaviour by their supporters. And you should keep in mind that only 15 or 20 years ago University of Belgrade was practically crowded by black students, especially from the so-called ?non-allied countries?. Wales manager, Mark Hughes was rather embittered in his statements after the match: ?What happened there, and what Danny had to endure just shows what a fine performance he put in. We already had a similar problem, with Jason Brown, during the previous night under ? 21 game, and it just doesn?t feel right. We already put the wheels in motion to complain to FIFA and UEFA.? He also said: ? My players are very disappointed. They felt that Mark Delaney was fouled in the box when Serbia scored.? Neven Luledzija, Paris
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IAAF statement on Kelli White Saturday 30 August 2003 Paris - A sample provided by Kelli White, USA after the 100m Final in Paris has tested positive for Modafinil. The IAAF has not yet received the results of the analysis on her sample provided after the 200m Final. Today, we have received an explanation from the athlete to the following effect; Ms White has been taking the substance on prescription to treat a medical condition that runs in her family. As both the nature of the substance and the content of her explanation require further inquiry and investigation, the IAAF has taken the view that bearing in mind the very serious consequences for the athlete of being suspended and being removed from competition at this late stage, the most appropriate course of action is to allow her to compete pending the completion of the necessary scientific and factual investigations. Neven Luledzija, Paris
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Rarely, if ever, the running disciplines of the World Championship in Athletics offered so many battles of the giants. On 100 meters for men, competition is really scary: Americans Maurice Green, Tim Montgomery, or winner of the U.S. trials, Bernard Williams; European champion Dwain Chambers from England; evergreen Namibian Frankie Fredricks; St. Kitts and Nevis? Kim Collins? Each and any of them can win the gold, but who will it be? On 200 meters for men, Greek athlete, Konstandinos Kenteris is on the brink of an unprecedented achievement. He has the opportunity to win a fourth consecutive world crown. Since his surprise victory on Sydney Olympics, the 200 meters King confirmed his reign by taking the world title in Edmonton, and last years European Championship in Munich, with his best result of 19.85. However, his rule is going to be contested by trio of young Americans: Joshua J. Johnson, Darvis Patton and John Capel, youths with plenty of talent, courage and ambition. World Junior Champion, Englishman Christian Malcolm, or Japanese prodigy Shingo Suetsugu will also be there for keeps? Another competition of prodigies awaits us on 400 meters for men. Americans are still in shock over their lost in Edmonton from Bahamian Avard Moncour, and are determined to prove that this is still their discipline. In last dozen years, anyhow, with the exception of Edmonton, the title was always held by Uncle Sam?s boys. Calvin Harrison, Tyree Washington and Jerome Young are American hopes here. But, opposition is also very serious: Jamaica?s Brandon Simpson and Michael Blackwood are ate least as eager to win as their American counterparts. As for the Europeans, German Ingo Shultz, reigning Champion of the Europe and Frenchman Marc Raquill, winner of the European Cup probably have something to say? Wonder-boy from Russian steppes, Yuriy Borzakovskiy, the World Indoor Champion from two years ago has skipped all the international meetings on 800 meters since in order to prepare for the World Championship. He has to reckon with a serious competition from Kenyans Joseph Mutua and Wilfred Bungei, and their former compatriot who flies Danish colours now, Wilson Kipketer. Moroccan Hicham El-Guerrouj has a double dream: 1.500 and 5.000 meters title. Can he become the most decorated athlete of all times on 1.500 meters? Currently, he shares that honour with Algerian Nouredin Mourcelli. Both of them have three world titles. El-Guerrouj?s rivals don?t deny his superiority, but they are aware that even ?Hicham The Great3 is not invincible. After all, he lost Olympic title, didn?t he? Chirchir brothers from Kenya, Cornelius and William, as well as Bernard Lagat are presenting silent threat. And European Champion, Mehdi Baala, is the French hope for the winning on the home-ground. On the other hand, El-Guerrouj is trying to do something nearly impossible: Since his youth, at least until this season, he hasn?t run 5.000 meters. But, his result of 12:50.24 shows that he means business. Can he do it? Is it humanly possible? Remains to be seen? By Neven Luledzija, Paris
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Over 550,000 spectators attended the 9th World Championships in Athletics, putting an overwhelming seal of public approval on a hugely successful event. Prefect Jean Dussourd, President of the Organising Committee, was keen to thank all those who made the occasion so memorable. With enthusiastic fans who came out in massive numbers, a fabulous atmosphere in the stadium and a French team that made history by performing like never before, the Championships proved a runaway success in every way. At a post event press conference, Organising Committee President Jean Dussourd looked back over the nine days and was at pains to thank all those involved in the event: ?We have proved once again that when it comes to major events, we in France can always rise to the occasion. Many challenges were met. People wondered whether the Athletes Village would work but it did and it worked well. It was a hit and security was ensured. The stadium proved to be excellent from a technical perspective and demonstrated it is made for athletics. As for the transport, the service provided by RATP was extraordinary.? Jean Dussourd was full of praise for the 3,700 ?enthusiastic and efficient? Volunteers who worked tirelessly from start to finish. "From the welcome at the airport to accompanying athletes to the various venues, everyone was more than satisfied with the service the Volunteers provided ,? he said The figures all look better than expected too. ?At the end of 2002, we wondered whether we would fill the Stade de France®. We estimated we would need to sell 365,000 tickets to balance the books. At the D-100 mark we had reached that figure but we were still some way off full capacity. The last two months were excellent and during the competition itself we were selling up to 5,000 tickets a day." In all, 550,132 fans attended the championships, making 93% capacity. Almost two thirds of tickets were bought on the Internet. This success results from a number of factors relating to the organisation of these 9th World Championships. "An extensive ticketing network. A long term campaign in conjunction with the Ministry for Sport, the local authorities and the French Athletics Federation, along with a comprehensive and innovative communication campaign that stirred up interest,? explained Jean Dussourd. The atmosphere in the stadium and the entertainment laid on around it were very positive too.? The success of an event of this scale is also measured by the media coverage it receives. With 58 hours coverage over the nine days, France Télévisions has never broadcast so much athletics. And the viewing figures make for good reading. The event rewarded the channel with 24% market share, for an average of 2.7 million viewers. The women?s long jump, won so thrillingly by home hope Eunice Barber, was the most watched event, with 42% market share and 6.6 million viewers on France 2. In conclusion, the Organising Committee President wished to underline that the long term aim of these World Championships was to attract new would-be athletes to their local athletics clubs, particular young people from urban hotspots. Only then will the race have been won. Neven Luledzija, Paris
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