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Say what you may about President George W. Bush's stance on the war with Iraq and on terrorism as a whole. Critics pepper anti-Bush, anti-war references to Vietnam and words like quagmire, implying the President has launc
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The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe said Monday it has sent a mission to Bosnia to observe the campaign and preparations for the Oct. 1 general election.
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Kidnapped when she was ten, Austria's Natascha Kampusch escaped eight-and-a-half years later. During her captivity she thought carefully about how she wanted to live once free. Now she's a media star and keeping to her script, surrounded by a team of eager advisors.
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Martina Hingis was too strong for Tzipi Obziler on Wednesday evening, defeating the Israeli in the second round of the Sunfeast Open in Calcutta, India, 6-2, 7-5.
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A leaked intelligence report of Osama bin Laden's death has met scepticism from Western and Muslim governments, but may increase clamour from his followers to show himself on video for the first time in nearly two years. One theory surrounding the mysterious French leak is that it was designed to flush the al-Qaida leader into the open, prompting him to release a new tape that might give a clue to his whereabouts and state of health.
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For Jennifer Hawkins, winning the Miss Universe contest was a very unexpected boon. Born in the Australian state of New South Wales - in Holmesville, Newcastle to be precise - in 1984, Jennifer was truly shocked when she won the title of Miss Universe, as anyone who watched the 2004 event will attest to.
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Freddie Mercury was born Farrokh Bulsara on September 5th 1946 in Zanzibar, to parents Bomi & Jer Bulsara. Freddie moved to India in 1947. He attended boarding school in Panchgani, just outside Bombay. Whilst there he began his piano lessons, reaching Grade 4 in practical and theory.
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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez pledged Thursday that Venezuela will support Iran if it is invaded as a result of the Middle Eastern nation's high-stakes nuclear standoff with the United Nations Security Council.
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There's been a bit of a stink in Hong Kong in recent days involving a young pop star, some scandalous paparazzi photos, and yes ... Jackie Chan. Last week, a magazine called EasyFinder published photos of Gillian Chung (one half of the pop duo Twins) that were taken as she was changing out of her clothes backstage during a show.
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Ex-James Bond Pierce Brosnan and former Bond villain Christopher Lee have come to the defence of British actor Daniel Craig whose choice as the new 007 is attracting growing criticism.
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The nuclear weapon that North Korea intends to detonate in an underground test is big enough to kill up to 200,000 people were it ever to be used against a city such as Seoul or Tokyo, Russian military experts have revealed.
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Though winning the Miss Teen USA title has been a dream of 18-year-old Katie Blair?s since she was a child growing up in Billings, Montana, she only entered her state competition 4 days before it took place! Almost a year later, on August 15th, 2006, in front of a live television audience on NBC, her dream became a reality. A recent high school graduate, Katie will attend Louisiana State University, where she plans to major in advertising and marketing and will also pursue an associate?s degree in fashion design. (Her love of design is no surprise given that this intrepid art lover once traveled to Amsterdam to visit Van Gogh?s museum!) She says her dream job is to one day buy, sell and design clothes for her own company off Madison Avenue in New York City.
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  • Taylor Swift biography

    Taylor Swift biography

    Originally from Pennsylvania, Taylor Swift grew up in Reading then moved to the town of Wyomissing where she joined the Wyomissing Area Junior / Senior High School. Passionate about horse riding, she takes part in many horse shows, but quickly turns...
  • How to unblock someone on Facebook

    1) First, you need to log into your Facebook account and navigate to your homepage.   2) Second, you will need to type in the name of the person who you initially blocked at the top left of the screen.    3) Once you have navigated to the user’s homepage,...
  • Elektroinžinjer Elvir Hasedžić šef  istraživačkog tima “ Jaguar & Land Rover”: To je kompanija koja daje šanse mladim izumiteljima

    Elektroinžinjer Elvir Hasedžić šef istraživačkog tima “...

    Elektroinžinjer Elvir Hasedžic šef  istraživackog tima “ Jaguar & Land Rover”: To je kompanija koja daje šanse mladim izumiteljima   Prije sedam godina pisali smo o uspješnom mladom covjeku porijeklom iz Banje Luke, magistru elektroinžinjerstva Elviru H...
  • Tuneli Ravne zdraviji od Bjelašnice I Igmana

    Tuneli Ravne zdraviji od Bjelašnice I Igmana

      Beneficije negativnih iona su dokazane posljednjih decenija. Rijec je o sicušnim, negativno naelektrisanim atomima ili molekulama, koje imaju viška elektrona. Pouzdano se zna da ciste atmosferu od polena, prašine, gljivica, dima od cigareta i drugih...
  • US Soccer Education Denver uspješno okončao humanitarnu akciju pomoći Safetu Hodžiću, prikupljeno 10.034 dolara

    US Soccer Education Denver uspješno okončao humanitarnu...

    Sportska organizacija US Soccer Education iz Denvera uspješno je okončala humanitarnu akciju pomoći, Safetu Hodžiću, nekadašnjem kapitenu malonogometne reprenzentacije Bosne i Hercegovine, uzornom sportisti koji je mnogo dao za bh. sport, a trenutno...
  • Outlook -> QuickParts -> create templates - Create a reusable building block

    Outlook -> QuickParts -> create templates - Create a...

    1.      Select the content or email message part that you want to store as a reusable building block. To store paragraph formatting — including indentation, alignment, line spacing, and pagination — with the entry, include the paragraph mark (PI  ) in the...
  • Excel -> Recover unsaved Excel file

    Excel -> Recover unsaved Excel file

    Recover unsaved Excel file   Go to the File tab and click on 'Recent' Now click on the Recover Unsaved Workbooks option on the top left.   Now scroll to the bottom and click on 'RecoverUnsaved Workbooks' button.     Scroll through the list and search for the...
  • Excel -> Wrap text in a cell automatically

    Excel -> Wrap text in a cell automatically

    Wrap text automatically   In a worksheet, select the cells that you want to format. (example C1) On the Home tab, in the Alignment group, click Wrap Text . Notes: Data in the cell wraps to fit the column width, so if you change the column width, data wr...